M&A Advisory

  • - Business succession,corporate alliance,corporate revival
  • - Assistance for capital policy
  • - Finance policy making
  • - Support for global M&A

Business Process Reform Assistance

  • - Business process analysis
  • - Business due diligence
  • - Business process reconstruction

Assistance for Resolving Business Challenge through the Introduction of IT

  • - IT internal environment analysis
  • - Action planning for the introduction of IT
  • - Investment effect evaluation and risk analysis
  • - Assistance for system construction and installation

Assistance for Utilization of Intellectual Property

  • - Technology competitiveness analysis report
  • - Inventory and evaluation of intellectual property
  • - Internal management of intellectual property
  • - Strategic utilization of intellectual property

Internal Control Management Support

  • - Improvement for general matters
  • - Evaluation and structural planning of companywide internal control
  • - Improvement of closing financial reporting process
  • - Improvement of important operational process


Starting up full-fledged deployment of management reform supporting solutions

As efforts to fundamentally overcome the management challenges your company have, we provide a full-scale deployment of supporting solutions centering on M&A to drastically improve the corporate value.

- BPR (Business process reengineering)
- Support for utilization of IT
- Support for structuring the management system of internal control
- Support for M&A, company reorganization, corporate revival and financing

We expect that these management reform solutions which are extremely effective for strengthening and expanding the management foundation and prompt improvement of business competitiveness will contribute profoundly to advancement of the corporate value in your company.

MAGP Advantage

 M&A Global Partners (MAGP) is the best advisor to support improvement of your company’s corporate value.
We assist the management reform centering on M&A as a solution to fundamentally solve the management problems of your company.

1.Wealth of experience and high reliability

- Years and plenty of experience in planning and implementation of corporate reorganization/revival, business succession, capital policy, etc.
- Supported by experts who have high expertise in finance, law, intellectual property, IT and management strategy.

2.One-stop solution to achieve corporate value improvement

- Supporting M& A to accomplish a dynamic management reform
- Corporate analysis and value evaluation from multiple viewpoints such as finance, business process, business infrastructure, etc.
- Resolution of management problems through business process reform and introduction of IT
- Enhancement of risk management ability by structuring management system for internal control
- Assistance for intellectual property stock taking and strategic leverage of intellectual property through finding licensees and etc.

MAGP Solution

 MAGP provide you with management problem solving resolutions which will greatly contribute to expansion of management foundation and enhancement of business competitiveness in your company.
 Let us introduce our efforts to accomplish not temporary measures but fundamental resolutions for management challenges your company has.

MAGP Service Scheme

 MAGP provide you with professional one-stop services in conjunction with experts such as law firms, accounting firms, etc.